Hello Rose fans! We have a big update to share today… More than 1000 screen captures of Rose as Summer / Yellow in “Power Rangers: R.P.M” have been added to the gallery, including the two-episode special on Rose’s character. Rose was fabulous in these two, and portrayed a lot of different sides to the character. Caps from the rest of the season will be up eventually.

FYI: We ONLY add caps of Rose, as we want our gallery to be as organized, Rose-centered and HQ as possible. We want it to be easy for you to find caps of Rose, without having to browse through pages of blurry caps, or caps that doesn’t even have Rose on them. But if any one wants caps of any of the other characters in any of Rose’s films/shows, send us an email, and we will happily cap and send them to you.

RoseMcIverNet_0007.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0127.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0059.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0137.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0054.jpg
RoseMcIver_10.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0005.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0044.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0058.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0108.jpg
RoseMcIverNet_0138.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0140.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0178.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0027.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0074.jpg
RoseMcIverNet_0143.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0149.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0238.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0254.jpg RoseMcIverNet_0268.jpg

The Young Actors’ Theatre Camp (YATC) is a multiple award-winning overnight theatre camp where kids of all ages and experience levels from across the country and around the world have the opportunity to explore a life in the performing arts in a safe and supportive peer environment. Since 2002, YATC has brought industry professionals from Hollywood and Broadway to teach students daily classes in acting, singing, dancing and filmmaking.

On july 20, Rose held a master class at the camp! We have added 20+ photos to our gallery, and you can watch a clip from it below. Screencaptures will be up in our gallery in a couple of minutes…

Update: Screencaps have been added! Follow this link.


We promised another exclusive once we hit the 300 followers mark on twitter, and here it is! We’ve been working very hard on an own section for members the last few weeks, and it’s now ready to be launched. By joining our VIP (or VIF as we’ll call it – Very important fan) section, you will get access to plenty of exclusives, and lots of other fun stuff. This includes exclusive videos, downloads and more ; ZIP downloads of many of our episode screencaptures, so that you will not have to save one and one screencap! Full TV episodes, like Power Rangers, Maddigan’s Quest and more. Also, untagged versions of our photos that are tagged in the gallery…

You will also be the FIRST to see our monthly magazine, “McIver Monthly”. VIP members will get to read it about a week before non-members. It is also a great way to meet and interact with other Rose fans… We have a chat board, and arrange ways to meet and befriend other Rose fans around the world. We also have many fun votes and polls, and you get the chance to help decide important decisions regarding Rose-McIver.net!

If this sounds intersting, click the image below to proceed for more information / the sign up form.


We’ve teased you all on twitter that we’ve been working on an exclusive Rose magazine; and now it’s here! We’ve called it “McIver Monthly“, and we will try to make it a monthly feature here at Rose-McIver.Net. The first issue is only 10 pages, but we will keep expanding it with new additions each month. Any suggestions for things to include are very welcome, just send us an email or write in the chat box.

Many thanks to our partner site Jamie Dornan Online for this really cool idea! You can check out their Jamie magazine at this link. If you want to view the magazine in picture/JPG formate, click here. If you want to view it as a magazine in flash version, click the thumbnails below!

Feedback on the magazine is much appreciated – leave a message in the chat box with your opinions!

Remember the “iZombie” portrait from the San Diego Comic-Con we posted yesterday? Thanks to Far, Far Away Site, we now have 4 high quality images from the second photoshoot the cast did at the SDCC! Including two gorgeous photos of Rose alone, in a cute and colorful dress. Enjoy!

RoseMcIverNet_03.jpg RoseMcIverNet_04.jpg RoseMcIverNet_01.jpg RoseMcIverNet_02.jpg

I finally got around to add screencaps from the first two episodes of “Masters of Sex” season two! Rose was amazing in both episodes, I hope to have some clips up in our video archive soon.

Episode 1 (Parallax): Following Bill’s declaration in season 1 finale, Bill and Virginia resume their professional and personal relationship – both asserting it is to further the cause of their work. Virginia breaks the news to Ethan and Bill tries to be there for Libby and their new baby but finds it hard. Bill is struggling with getting his career back on track and Virginia is still working for Dr. DePaul but hungers for more. Scully is determined to succeed in his “therapy”, but Margaret will bear no more illusions in her life.

Episode 2 (Kyrie Eleison): Masters is tested on his first day at Memorial Hospital when a VIP patient needs emergency care. Meanwhile, Virginia must decide between staying with DePaul or following Bill. Vivian tell Bill the truth about what happend to her father.

Here’s some videos from the San Diego Comic-Con for you! The first is an interview with Rose, were she talks about iZombie. The second is the live interview from yesterday (for those who missed it live!). Screencaptures will be added next, I will update this post when they’re uploaded…

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It’s a Comic-Con tradition for cast to pose for Entertainment Weekly portraits, and we now have the first photo of Rose and her iZombie co-stars! We hope to have more soon.

Click to view full size image

rosemcivernet_005.JPG rosemcivernet_008.JPG rosemcivernet_045.jpg rosemcivernet_064.jpg rosemcivernet_078.JPG RoseMcIverNet_20.jpg

Comic Con is over for Rose and the iZombie cast (but she might still attend some smaller events there – if so, we will of course let you know), and we have now added all the photos we have found from the iZombie panel, signings, arrivals and more. There’s many cute pictures, and we particularly love the ones of Rose and David Anders hugging! Rose also caught up with her Once Upon a Time co-stars for an adorable selfie! Click this link for the picture.

Many thanks to my amazing friends Gabby, Lora and Marica for making this update possible! You should all visit their sites, as they’re some of the best ones out there. We will start adding screencaptures from all clips, videos and GIF’s next! Keep checking back…

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